Phase One, Chapter 1, page 7

One64 Ph1Ch1pg07

You might not see that many more circular panels, because that turned out to be much harder to format than the result justified.


Phase 1; Chapter 1; page 2

One64 Ph1Ch1pg02

This is all adapted from a finished novel that currently lies in limbo with a publisher. I’d like to claim I’m being vague about its status out of professional discretion, but the truth is that I have no idea whether it will see the light of day or not – in that form.

In the novel, Em’s hair sticks straight out, but I didn’t like any of the versions of that coming out of my pencil. This looked better – but it would be harder to describe.

Em’s dress is a GIMP trick that I came to regret the more I had to duplicate it.

Phase 1; Chapter 1; Page 1

One64 P1C1pg01 v2txt


Pencils and ink are done by hand, then scanned and colored in GIMP. ¬†Individual panels are done separately and then combined in GIMP. I use a program called Inkscape for the lettering. In truth, I prefer lettering by hand, but because I won’t really know the panel sizes until I lay them out in the software, that proves impossible.

Yes, that’s Comic Sans. This is what Comic Sans is for.