About the 64

This is a webcomic about the 64. It updates on Thursdays.

The 64 is the collective term for the interstellar law enforcement agency that patrolled human space (for both the Third Terran Federation and later the Terran Empire) about 250 – 300 years from now. At the time of their formation, there was considerable debate as to what to actually call them (the official title: Extra-Solar Special Agents in Pursuit of Peace and Justice  [ESSAPPJ] was a bit unwieldy ). No consensus emerged between Ranger or Marshall or Agent, and they quickly became known by the numerical artifact that defined them.

When the Third Fed joined the Consortium, a galactic UN – though it would be a mistake to carry that comparison too far – the Accordance, as the treaty was known, carried among its many terms a limitation on the number of armed agents who could operate outside of the home system. When the complex formula was applied and the calculations complete, that number came out to 64.

Sixty four agents – total – to patrol five cubic parsecs or marginally explored outer space. The job had previously been attempted with the several thousand strong Third Expeditionary, and they had been regarded as insufficient.

To accomplish this, the Third Fed literally recruited heroes, specifically, highly competent field operatives with no plausible future in administration, gave them the best technology available, and augmented that with some technology borrowed or leased from their consortium frenemies, and sent them out with the authority lay down the law as best they could.

The 64 series tells the tale of their heroics, and of their failures.

This blog is a sidecar to that work. We will look at the real trends visible in the present that inform that imaginary future.

This is not diamond-hard science fiction. I’m writing about superheroes fighting interstellar crime. But I do try to get the known science as accurate as possible. Where theories diverge, I go with the one that best fits my story, but I have tried to fabricate a future that aligns with foreseeable trends.

Mixed, of course, with some obvious poppy-cock.

My name is Tony Padegimas, and I am the author (and copyright holder) of this blog.

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